Get Bronzed: GUCCI : Poudre De Beauté Éclat Soleil Powder

A sun-kissed glow you say? Say no more, I had to try this Poudre bronzer by Gucci.


The bronzer came in a tiny sculpted paper box, accompanied by a small applicator brush and an adorable mini dustbag, to store your bronzer in.

The compact is gold-colored all around, with a mint-green (or aqua, as described by Gucci) top and gold detailing. The design suits their signature contemporary style and floral aesthetic

Product Information

  • Shade: 05
  • Price: 55eur at l 62usd at
  • Scent: —
  • Shelf life: 20 months
  • Product size: 12 grams


  • Sun-kissed glow
  • Luminous finish
  • Natural color
  • Long-Lasting
  • Buildable formula’

When I think of a sun-kissed glow, I think of a radiant complexion that has warmth and vibrance to it. Once the bronzer was on, my skin looked rejuvenated. The dimensions that I often lose with foundation and concealer were restored. My face went from looking like a semi-blank canvas to gaining vibrance.

My cheeks looked luminous without looking sparkly and I was able to build up the color without my cheeks turning into a blocky patch of pigment.

Every promise was delivered, aside from one and it’s kind of a big one..

..The bronzer does not last at all.

I’ve worn this bronzer on multiple occasions and after about two hours of wear the pigment starts to fade away. What’s even worse is that it seems to leave patchy marks behind. At first, I was in denial, but with continuous use and pairing it up with different makeup such as other foundations, concealers, and setting sprays, I still kept getting these patchy marks.

After 4 hours of wear


As instructed by Gucci,


The color looks beautiful on dark skin. The shade looks to be a combination of dusty rose, warm brown, and a hint of purple. As the day progresses, the rosy and purple hues fade away, but the cheeks and forehead still looks warm and bronzed

The texture felt amazingly silky as I swatched it on my finger. During application, the pigment is easily picked up by the brush and dispensed onto the skin. Coverage is built by going over my cheeks with multiple swirls to really build up to a color that is visible on my complexion.

The intensity of the pigment looks amazing person, but hard to capture in pictures and videos. The before and after pictures below, truly do not do this bronzer justice, especially when it’s freshly applied.

Freshly applied with a fluffy brush

Can you even see a difference? I will give the bronzer the benefit of doubt and say that perhaps if my undertones were less red, the pigment would be more noticeable in photographs.

Hit or Miss?

If the bronzer did not fade away or turn patchy, this would be a perfect bronzer for me. I love the warmth that it adds to the complexion. If you are able to try this bronzer, definitely do. It really elevates

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